Nonchalance Paris, creates loungewear to celebrate the sweetness of everyday life, each elixir is obtained through a combination of plants, flowers and minerals, in which the fabrics will be infused by hand to create unique dyes to each piece. These infusions are made on the fabric like a beauty treatment. Silk, wool and linen will create versatile pieces, to be worn day and night. The 100% vegetal and  artisanal dyes are made to order, in our workshop in Île-de-France, in an ecological and fair manner.
The fifteen years working as an antique dealer in Paris in the Marais and then at the St Ouen flea market have provided Ninon the founder, the inspiration to create the silhouettes of Nonchalance Paris. During a trip to Jaipur, India, Ninon discovered the ecological disaster of synthetic dye which contaminates rivers, giving them toxic hues. This journey will be the starting point of a quest for natural solutions, respectful of the body and the planet. After having trained in France in the ancestral techniques of natural dyeing dyeing alongside a master dyer, in Brittany, she travels around the world to discover the know-how as well as the different tinctorial plants specific to each continent.