Care Advices

Natural dyeing is a living process and just like plants and our skin, it can change color. Special care is necessary for your piece to have a long life.

→ Use neutral pH soap. Some products contain additives that make clothes whiter we really need to avoid it because it will bleach the natural dyeing.

→ If you wash your garnements by hand, the ideal would be a quick soak in soapy water with a neutral pH, it is not recommended to not soak them for a long time and especially not to rub!
it is advisable to wash your garnements with similar colors, or if possible alone, so it will not to be polluted by other syntetic dyes from the other garnements.

→ You can also machine wash on a delicate cold silk / wool cycle with an ecological detergent with neutral ph and non-bleaching.

→ It is advisable to dry your pieces in the shade indoors, as direct sunlight can change the color of the clothes. The sun’s rays are frequently used to bleach laundry.

→ If you ever stain your part with grease you can apply a small amount of talcum powder to the grease stains overnight or for a day, then remove the paste and repeat the operations if necessary.

→ The natural dye is also sensitive to acidic substances to be avoided, such as: lemon, vinegar, alcohol, deodorants and perfumes.

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