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Silk Chouchou Absinthe ( Pre Order )

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This 100% mulberry silk scrunchy is hand-dyed in a bath of indigo and Mango leaves and take care of your hair by keeping them smooth without breaking the fiber. You can match it with your pillowcases, pajamas or kimono.

The Mulberry silk is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and odorless. This luxurious fabric contains a natural protein called “sericin” that reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction.

This silk chouchou is made-by-order in Paris.

Hand-dyed with Indigo Persicaria tinctoria

The indigo persicaria is the blue plant of Asia and is widely cultivated in Japan and China. It is still cultivated for its very powerful dyeing power. The extraction process is long and very specific. Once the pigment is obtained, it is up to the dyer to assemble a tank that will solubilize it and make it possible to dye it by immersion. Then the magic of indigo takes place: when the fabric is taken out of the tank, it is green and turns blue only when it comes into contact with oxygen. Today it is cultivated in the south of France in organic farming.